Aquarius 2019 Horoscope – a great year for you

This year caution will be required because many planetary dissonances await your possible missteps. First Jupiter in your home X (career), could push you to do too much in particular in the professional or in the public sphere. This could be felt on the quality of your relationships with those around you, or tiring you unnecessarily

As of January March in disharmony, you promise some spats. Your success will make you envious! If Uranus your planet supports you at the beginning of the year, it will suddenly become unpredictable and will even leap against you between mid-May and mid-November 2019.

The high point will be reached in May-June and October-November. There will be a wind of revolt in your daily life. Whether in your home, with your spouse or at work, you will not support the injunctions too strongly expressed towards you. There is a good chance you will slam the door under the nose and beard of the offenders.

Side hearts of many opportunities, but more than ever this year, it will be above all your sacrosanct freedom that will prevail.

aquarius 2019 horoscope



Single: It will be necessary to wait for the period of your birthday, and Valentine’s Day to give the kick-off to your loves. The aphrodisiac tandem Venus-Mars chose to be in your sign to put on your path the person you expect.

Venus in your home V (meetings) in May will be also an excellent opportunity to play inveterate seducer. For the last quarter of the year it is certainly on the side of the geographical area far from home, or outright abroad that you will find shoe to your foot. This is especially true for the Aquarius ladies, who could be seduced by the beautiful and romantic men of Libra.

Couple: A year full of twists and surprises concludes one of the precise 2019 astrology websites. Some will be excellent from your spouse and will give you new impetus for your relationship. It can be a move to a new home more cozy and spacious found by your lover or the organization of an impromptu romantic weekend at the other end of France, or down to the planet for the most easy.

Other behaviors will ask you however questions especially if your partner escaped a little too regularly from home to do activities without you. You may also have to compose with a hectic social life that will leave little time for your duo to be in intimacy. Your best time of the year could be the end of November with the return of Uranus to the sextile of your sign.


Your planet will give you again this year the vista and the originality to put together an idea of genius which will allow you to excel in your field. It will however be necessary to observe if you are not a little too early compared to your time, or if the certainly innovative concept programmed finds its market.

The dissonance of Uranus from mid-May could destabilize you as your professional entourage. It can also be a change of direction in the policy of the firm to which you are attached (e) s that no longer corresponds to your aspirations or your pace of life. There could be frank explanations, with even slamming professional doors.

From mid-May to mid-November, it will really be necessary to walk with you on velvet if you do not want to see you take the time to escape. Your best time to start, or look for a job will be in February, March and from late November to the end of the year.


3 planets and no less will occupy this year your home XII sky area related to your well-being. It will be time to stop and take care of yourself, even if you work as a Liberal and you have to work hard to earn your living.

Jupiter could cause you to overeat or skip meals. Uranus from mid-spring to the height of autumn to increased stress that can lead you to smokers over-consumption.



In September you should not have any trouble this year to bring in the euros. Neptune still occupies House II (Finance), but unlike in previous years, she will be supported by Jupiter in your X home (career). You will not miss a client, and an audience that will reward you simply. For cons expenditure side it will avoid the head shots and purchases or investments unreasonably in the middle of spring. Some tedious administrative procedures will be conducted in April and September.


It will be necessary to plan well your projects at the beginning of the year, and not to give in to Uranus’ desire whim and the desires of improvisation between the middle of the spring and the re-entry.

If you hold on, you will be largely rewarded at the end of the year, without having left feathers in passing. Also try to take the time to eat at regular times, and avoid nibbling during the year.

Take the time to relax in contact with nature, even if you are very busy, it will do you the greatest good. “To go far, you have to know how to spare your horse”.