Chinese Astrology 2019 – Earth Pig Year

The influence of the pig o on the year 2019

The year 2019 is ideal to pursue ideals! The Earth pig teaches us how to reconcile dreams and reality. He raises us. The legs fixed on the ground, it acts only after reflection while committing to accomplish its mission. Placed under the influence of the Yang, the year of the pig encourages to defend social causes, to preserve the environment (Unesco was founded in 1946, year of the pig
). Concrete measures give a new impetus to innovation. The desire to reinvent life is reflected in individual initiatives launched in favor of the collective good.

According to, the pig hates dishonesty. He fights injustices, puts order, sets the rule. This ardent pacifist strives for stability to be restored, strengthened and preserved.

You will feel more comfortable in your expression this year, and rightly so, in all areas. This will be your major asset. The messages circulate without difficulties, you dare more and that brings you luck! The impulses of the Sun and Officer at your sign bring you greater strength, while Aphrodite Vega galvanizes your mind.

Your analytical sense will help you to overcome financial and professional worries in particular, which frees you positively. The friends mark by their presence your progress and will bring you a renewal. The entourage will have a profound impact on your destiny this year.

year of the pig 2019

Your professional life is considerably softened this year, of all the worries you experienced last year. Indeed, you will encounter sets of circumstances that will allow you to get rid of constraints that have become useless. Delegating certain tasks to trusted employees becomes more easily affordable and realistic, letting go of the amount of work to prioritize quality as well. The effects of Jupiter help you calm the game if needed, with your superiors. Your angle of vision will be profitable and even if you do not immediately get the recognition of your merits, it’s only a matter of time. If you have a relational profession in relation to the public, this year will be particularly prolific in terms of results.


The course of your love life will be distinguished in two stages this year. The first five months will be lived with a view to constancy, strengthening your emotional security and your links. While other months will be more focused on the concept of discovery of different reports, questioning, unusual complicity. A need for stability, stronger than usual directs your way of being and facilitates the reconciliations that you want. Concretely, you will have facilities to find you in the right place at the right time to meet new people. The impulses of General incite you to free dialogue, to the discovery of new horizons. If you are single in this period, you will feel a need to conquer stronger than usual. Your confidence in you up blurs your modesty, which frees you from unnecessary constraints. A tendency to flutter may appear, motivated in this by a need for discoveries, as much on others than on yourself. Knowing your limits can turn to fascination, and become a game, handle with care, despite everything … If you are engaged in a relationship, you will imperiously want to consume the possible happiness and more. Outside temptations are more easily affordable. Living your basic urges will be essential to avoid frustrations that you will not be able to contemplate.


Your finances will be one of your top priorities this year. And especially during the first two months. You will be keen to make reorientations of the use of your money. It will be all or nothing, you spend without counting, or you will resolutely decide to hold tight the cords of your purse! You rely on yourself alone to save money. If you manage to channel your buying impulses, this year you can go a long way to raise the bar if necessary, or to save. Those of you born after 1957 will seriously think about moving, to invest in this direction for a better comfort of life. Your family circle will be good advice in financial matters. Even if they seem too sharp in their judgments.


Health issues seem secondary this year. You will think more willingly to fulfill your desires than fuel you have to achieve your goals … It will be absolutely essential to look a minimum on how you live in your current day. It is not impossible that you have deficiencies in certain trace elements and vitamins. The planetary oppositions which reign in your sign urge you to give your energy without counting and from there to find you exhausted by blows. To overcome these trends, it would be beneficial to regulate your diet and sleep in cycles closer to your natural biological clock. It is especially early in the day that you need energy, and therefore not to skip meals.

(Relationship / Family)

Family relationships too intrusive, you’ll run away, speed big V, this year more than ever! A need for renewal elsewhere takes you away from the family. If you go against these trends, you risk provoking tensions even in spite of yourself. It would be positive to prefer the quality of your links, that quantity. Forcing you to boring visits would be worse than anything, and you feel it … Your conception of the family is changing. You need more privacy.