Health, money and love: horoscope 2019, sign by sign

The new year starts and the balance ends to start again. It is time for proposals and intentions for the year that begins. Health money and love.

According to , the horoscope for the year 2019 is beneficial for all zodiac signs. It is a time of proposals and intentions for the year that begins. What you should know, according to astrology.

What is the natal chart

Through our natal chart, astrology allows us to show certain energies to experience during defined periods. Pointing them only on the basis of each sun sign without taking into account the entire natal chart means falling into generalization. For our discipline, each being is unique and unrepeatable as the fingerprint. Nobody escapes that while one Taurus is getting married or traveling, the other can do a bad business, fall ill or simply that on that day nothing has altered his routine.

However, not all of us have the possibility of knowing our map, natal chart or astral chart, which depends on the instant itself and the place where we were born and, it can be an inexhaustible source of information. For those who do not have that possibility, go these forecasts.

yearly horoscope 2019


Cardinal sign of Fire, ruler: Mars.

The natives of Aries – especially those born in the first deanery – will live a year marked by strong influences.

With the entry of Saturn into Capricorn, they will probably have to overcome obstacles due to circumstances that will escape control. Situations can become tedious, routine or demand a maximum of responsibility. Problems may appear with people of authority, or it is the authority itself that may be questioned. It is usual during this stage, experience delays or delays in everything that is undertaken or, need more effort than usual to achieve objectives, although these efforts will surely achieve lasting achievements, the usual is that everything costs effort.


Due to the favorable position of Saturn during this year 2019, the natives of Taurus, especially those who were born in the first decanate of the sign will experience an unsuspected evolution. Little by little old problems will be solved and the path to a comfortable existence will become more accessible. There are solid planetary supports that will mean the possibility of making remarkable and firm advances. Initiatives related to long-term tasks will be facilitated.

However – and as during much of the year these natives will also receive the influence of Jupiter from an unfavorable angle – they may fall into excess and exaggeration. The tendency will be to demand too much of life, and to enjoy too much of all satisfactions, so they should be aware during this time not to abuse the pleasures of the table, as this can disturb health and may even be risky. fatten.

The effects of these influences can also be felt in dignity and pride, which can be increased and converted into excessive haughtiness or unreasonable ambitions. The dangers lie in excessive self-sufficiency, treating others haughtily and disdainfully. Concerned about their worth, they can not miss the opportunity to attract attention and make their way of acting boastful. The tendency to spend will be strong and the benefits quickly absorbed. Attention also, since, during these periods, there tends to be no respect for the established order, which is why they will be exposed to infractions and various fines.


Already without the heavy influence of Saturn, during the period of almost six months in which Mars, the planet of action, transits through Aquarius – from May 17 to November 15 – Gemini will be one of the most benefited Signs of the Zodiac especially in regard to the profession and activity, it receives the influx of Mars from a favorable angle. This aspect will be useful for those natives who are in search of work or new occupations and will influence mostly those born in the first deanery. It will be a time to feel active and physically strong.

Good time to invigorate the mind and spirit by starting new activities both physical and intellectual or those that require energy and courage. It will be a profitable stage to practice or participate in competitions, the need for a certain independence for your own benefit will appear. It will awaken the desire to launch to conquer the world, as well as undertake new activities of a social or intellectual nature. It will undoubtedly be a dynamic and pleasant period. They will achieve success in proportion to the effort and capacity deployed.

Those born in the first half of the second dean of Gemini must be wary of the disturbing influence of Neptune, which sends their energies from an adverse angle. This transit returns to unstable people. It is often observed in these cases, phobias that paralyze the will. With this influence it is remarkable the difficulty to concentrate, falls into distractions and forgetfulness whose consequences are sometimes annoying, there is confusion in the ideas and an absolute lack of objectivity, so the advisable thing is to be attentive and reinforce the care. The notion of values can be similarly distorted, and then, when one thinks of directing oneself towards tangible and favorable realities, we only find illusions and disappointments. Attention!


As of December 2017 Saturn from its opposite, Capricorn, where it will be for approximately two and a half years. will mark a more introspective tendency that can lead to hinder the relationship with others and, although this year 2019, the planet of order and structure, which some call the “lord of karma”, will influence only the first dean, its effects will not take long in being felt in all the sign.

This transit may signal rigid attitudes on the part of Cancerians, but also indicate that they are aware of their own limitations. It also influences in restrictive circumstances caused by other people, especially the elderly, making the requirement and the responsibility are required to the maximum in heavy or tedious tasks, an excess of load or responsibility and that the environment does not support or facilitate things. Physical energies will tend to decrease. Special attention with the cooling, the blows and the denture!


From the middle of May to the month of October the natives of Leo will be influenced by the energy of Mars that, orbiting from the opposition, will mark a difficult time in which it will surely be problematic – among other things – to contain aggression. The tendency will be to ignore others, so that anger, fights and tension can arise that can make relationships difficult, even with authority figures such as bosses, parents or superiors. Impatience and nervousness will be the order of the day.

The opposition of Mars to the Sun is usually expressed through an excess or defect in the activity, it can happen that it is a culmination period of projects with a great wave of work, or conversely, a time in which the activities and projects they go through moments of paralysis. This can be especially so in the period between June 26 to August 27, period in which Mars will remain retrograde. It may then seem that the new projects fail, that they lose the expected momentum or do not activate. It will be a good time to reflect on past events, an attitude that will give them the opportunity to channel future efforts constructively. With the entry of Mars into Aquarius the tensions can be very strong for couples in that period, especially for those born in the first decanate, and
with the opposition of Mars, the risk of questioning or separation increases, should try to avoid controversies and join forces in a constructive manner.


For Virgo it is time to stabilize and secure finances, restructure them through a serious approach in order to facilitate work towards a long-term objective. Due to the favorable positions of Saturn and Jupiter during this year 2019, the natives of Virgo will experience a remarkable evolution.

Little by little old problems will be solved and the path to a more comfortable existence will become more accessible. The planetary supports will mean the possibility of making remarkable and firm advances. Initiatives related to long-term tasks will be facilitated.

Saturn orbiting from Capricorn, sign of the same element, will send them a structuring and organizing energy, it will be time to stabilize and secure finances, restructure them through a serious approach in order to facilitate the work towards a long-term objective.

Jupiter will come as a gentle beneficent energy of hope, faith, and expansion that will accompany the Virgo natives from Scorpio for about a year. Mars will go through a related sign from March 17 to May 18, and thanks to the combined influence of Mars, first, with Saturn, and then with Pluto, will have the fighting spirit necessary to achieve their greatest ambitions.

It will be necessary to take advantage this year 2019 to consolidate desired projects. When work is good, everything is easier. There will be no prospect of receiving money that is not the result of perseverance and effort, therefore, we must be careful and balanced and avoid frivolous expenses.


Saturn from Capricorn will exert a somewhat limiting influence. During this period of great effort, some projects will be put to the test and those that are considered unsuitable or unsuccessful will have to be discarded.

Circumstances delay and force constant rethinking. Although they may feel stimulated by their work, with a desire to acquire greater responsibilities, there is an obstructive energy that forces them to move forward slowly and effortlessly. Matters of the past that were left unfinished, come to light. This type of influence synchronizes with the capacity for self-discipline, it is an influence that forces us to act conscientiously and tenaciously, and, although there is a tendency to lose the freedom of action, the ability to work will make them perform in their tasks. It is not time to start companies but to keep what has been acquired, nor should risks or rushed decisions be taken. 2019 will be a year to act with caution and take precautions, it is better to take things as they arise and not force conditions, especially those that were born in the
first deanery.

Mars, orbiting from a hostile angle will send tense aspects from March 17 to May 18, these influences, can bring a stormy time and cause work harms, disparity of criteria between partners, colleagues and relatives, a time where the relationships of couple can be affected by tensions. This aspect will be active also during the month of August for those born in the last days of the Sign.


The great beneficiaries of the year, the beneficial influence of Jupiter will be felt until November expanding the horizons of Scorpio natives, granting them personal optimism and a generous attitude towards others. They will be presented with excellent opportunities to connect with people of authority. There will also be favorable times to undertake any type of studies, there will be a strong desire to understand and know. Legal matters and trips to unfamiliar places will also be favorable during this period. Time to start new projects and expand activities. The planet of the expansion can also benefit the finances by providing great capacity to exploit the opportunities that arise in the practical and economic. There will be optimal perspectives to increase profits and good capacity
for the administration of the same.

However, from the entry of Mars in Aquarius, an adverse angle, from May 17 to August 13 and from September 13 to November 16, will cause a very active, but hectic, period in which they must fight against adversity, stumble with many criticisms and hostility. The action of Mars in bad aspect is dynamic and virulent. It can happen that the initiatives are premature, precipitate, that the activities are impulsive, exaggerated, imprudent or not at all anticipatory. There may be failures as a result of total lack of foresight, tact and diplomacy. On the other hand, it always implies a great display of energy, we can expect family conflicts, dislikes with one or another of the parents or sometimes even an acute illness or an accident of a close relative. In any case, life in the home can be hectic and be planted with unpleasant incidents.


This year 2019, the Sign of Sagittarius will be traversed only by the planets Mars and Mercury, the remaining members of the celestial cast will influence from other angles of the zodiac. Mars will tour the Sign from January 28 until March 17. This transit is characterized by desires to do, to act with initiative, there is confidence in oneself, with desires of power or of having authority.

Excellent period to start new activities, although the danger lies in untimely and reckless actions, so there may be failures as a result of too bold initiatives, hasty actions, total lack of foresight, tact and diplomacy.

In addition, impatience, anger, aggressive behavior, or lack of consideration for others can cause serious problems, but if these energies are used intelligently and with caution, they can be very useful for all kinds of work.

From May to October, those native of Sagittarius, who were born in the first deanery of the Sign, will be receiving favorable influences from Mars which, orbiting from Aquarius, a related angle, will exert an excellent influence on health and activity. , stimulating and invigorating.


The natives of Capricorn will receive the visit of Saturn, the lord of order and the organization transiting through one of their homes. This contact – which occurs every 30 years – brings with it an attitude of commitment. In this stage you will be influenced by Saturn, the Lord of Time, the natives of the first deanery. They may feel stimulated by work, by the desire to acquire new responsibilities, their capacities for self-discipline and organization will be increased, forcing them to meditate a lot on how to face the future, offering, on the one hand, the opportunity to structure and organize, and, on the other, acquire new burdens and responsibilities.

For young people, it will be a matter of maturing, and, for the elderly, of aging. With the passage of Saturn we become aware of the finitude of life. Saturn, the inexorable god of time, wielded a gold sickle evocative of the proverb “what you sow harvests.”

They may feel that they should live experiences that will not always be pleasant by virtue of past events, there may also be delays, delays and efforts. Saturn demands order and organization.

The annoying effects of Saturn can also be translated into flus, rheumatic pains, feeling decreased vitality, problems in the bones, in this case the knees that is the part of the body ruled by Capricorn, the teeth, and, we will also have to address issues related to food, for its opposite Cancer.


The native sociable of Aquarius will live a 2019 of varied and diverse influences. On the one hand, the transit of Jupiter from a dissonant angle asks them to be careful especially in regard to the economy as the tendency to splurge will increase. Jupiter in bad aspect to the Sun can not be considered a bad transit because its influence is not depressing or unhappy at all, on the contrary, it is promising and can create an exaggerated attitude of self-confidence. This influence is characterized by a general tendency towards exaggerated expansion.

Opportunities that seem favorable may arise but the result may not be what is expected. The tendency will be to excess, waste, losing the sense of proportions and may commit serious mistakes, especially in regard to finance and business. The influence of this transit from the positive point of view is generosity and if we act with restriction or reflection, this influence will act positively.

However, it is not a good time to start a job, especially if there is money involved, because it is likely that eventually lead to an eventual loss. It will be an unfavorable year for legal proceedings and there may be little understanding in the couple or in relationships in general.


The astral influences for Pisces during 2019 are promising in all areas, which is why it is one of the luckiest astrological signs during this year, although your life will not always be easy. The stars will positively influence their behavior to help them make the right decisions. Owners of their destiny, the Piscians will be able to manage their life and face all the contingencies, reaching their goals and making their projects come true.

Pisces is another of the signs favored by the influence of Jupiter that, since Scorpio, sends them their beneficial effluvia that will be received as a serene breeze characterized by animation, good humor, optimism and enthusiasm, by self-confidence and also for greater generosity and generosity. He feels in full form, animated by a more intense life, with the pleasant sensation of an excess of strength that only asks to be externalized.

After the long passage of Saturn from an adverse angle, the good effects of Jupiter will be felt. In addition, this transit gives the subject a sense of their value, increases their dignity, their pride and their ambitions. As far as the facts are concerned, he will be favored by luck, events turn in his favor.

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